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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
The Collection: Locality Information Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Locality Name:
Chariton River
Chariton County , Missouri

Species Encountered:
icon-3 Procyon lotor
June 13, 1804

Coincidence (or is it?) has given to the raccoon both a masked face and the manners of a bandit.¬† Known for escaping¬†trouble as quickly as it can get into a ...  more>>

icon-4 Salix amygdaloides Anderss.
peach-leaved willow
June 14, 1804
icon-4 Salix interior Rowlee
sandbar willow
June 14, 1804
icon-4 Phalaris arundinacea L.
reed canarygrass
June 16, 1804
icon-4 Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal
September 18, 1806

This species was not collected, but the Corps were delighted to find that these fruits were ripe as they neared the end of their journey.

Journal Entries:

Chicot Island above Chariton, Missouri
Distance from Camp Dubois: 254 miles

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