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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
The Collection: Locality Information Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Locality Name:
Osage River
Osage County , Missouri

Species Encountered:
icon-4 Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. ssp. monilifera (Ait.) Eckenw.
plains cottonwood
May 25, 1804

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

icon-4 Rorippa sinuata (Nutt.) A.S. Hitchc.
spreading yellowcress
May 27, 1804
icon-4 Hydrastis canadensis L.
May 29, 1804
icon-3 Neotoma floridana
Eastern Wood Rat
May 31, 1804

Lewis and Clark spoke of three rats, the common European house rat, today called the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), the native rat of the Atlantic ...  more>>

icon-4 Asarum caudatum Lindl.
British Columbia wildginger
June 1, 1804
icon-4 Astragalus crassicarpus Nutt.
groundplum milkvetch
June 3, 1804

Journal Entries:

On the Missouri about 20 miles below the mouth of the Osage River
Distance from Camp Dubois: 125 miles
May 31, 1804:...  more>>

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