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Capt. Lewis, April 26, 1806-- ..after we encamped a little Indian boy caugh several chubbs with a bone in this form [ed: see sketch on the right side] which he substituted for a hook.  these fish were of about 9 inches long small head large abdomen, small where the tail joined the body, the tail wide long in proportion and forked.  the back and ventral fins were equadistant from the head and had each 10 bony rays, the f[i]ns next the gills nine each and that near the tail 12.  the upper exceeded the under jaw, the latter is truncate at the extremity and the tongue and pallet are smooth.  the colour is white on the sides and belley and a blewish brown on the back.  the iris of the eye is of a silvery colour and puple black..
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