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This camp was on the starboard (right) bank of the river and therefore would have been in Iowa if the state boundary were drawn at that time.  The current-day location of the camp is in some dispute.  The river channel may have been more to the west in 1804 than the current channel, which would place the actual spot for the Corps camp in Nebraska.  Or, if the current channel is near the 1804 channel, the camp was located just south of Council Bluffs, Iowa, near the junction of I-29 and I-80.

Distance from Camp Dubois: 642 miles

July 30, 1804: " proceeded on to a clear open Prarie on the L. S. on a rise of about 70 feet higher than the bottom which is also a Prarie....of High Grass & Plumb bush Grapes &c.

... from the bluff on the 2d rise immediately above our Camp, the most butifull prospect of the River up & Down and the Countrey Opsd (ed. - opposite) prosented it Self which I have ever beheld; The River meandering the open and butifull Plains, interspursed with Groves of timber, and each point Covered with Tall timber, Such as Willow, Cotton (ed. - cottonwood), sum Mulberry, Elm, Sucamore Lynn (ed. - linden) & ash (The Groves contain Hickory, Walnut, coffee nut & Oake in addition.)" Capt. William Clark

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