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The following passages show how Scagawea applied her knowledge of medicinal value of plants in easing discomfort.  These passages were written in Lewis County Idaho.

Capt. Lewis, May 16, 1806--our sick men are much better today.   Sahcargarweah geathered a quantity of the roots of a speceis of fennel which we found very agreeable food,   the flavor of this root is not unlike annis seed, and they dispell the wind which the roots called Cows (cous) and quawmash (camas) are apt to create particularly the latter.   we also boil a small onion which we find in great abundance, with other roots and find them also an antidote to the effects of the others.   the mush of roots we find adds much to the comfort of our diet.

Capt. Clark, May 16, 1806--The men who were complaining of the head ake and cholick yesterday and last night are much better to day.   Shabonos Squar gathered a quantity of fenel roots which we find very paliatiable and nurushing food. the   onion we also find in abundance and boil it with our meat.

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