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rough-skinned newt

Capt. Lewis, March 11, 1806-- There is a speceis of water lizzard of which I saw one only just above the grand rapids of the Columbia.  it is about 9 inches long and the body is reather flat and about the size of a mans finger covered with a soft skin of a dark brown colour with an uneven surface covered with little pimples   the neck and head are short, the latter terminating in an accute angular point and flat.  the fore feet each four toes, the hinder ones five unconnected with a web and destitute of tallons.  it's tail was reather longer than the body and in form like that of the Musk-rat, first rising in an arch higher than the back and decending lower than the body at the extremity, and flated perpendicularly.  the belley and under part of the neck and head were of a brick red, every other part of the colour of the upper part of the body a dark brown.  the mouth was smooth, without teeth.
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