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peachleaf willow

This entry describes one of 30 specimens that were sent to President Jefferson from Fort Mandan and then logged into the Museum in Philadelphia on November 16, 1805, but subsequently lost.  We include this species as an example of the breadth of discovery and the explorers’ scholarship; attribution to this species is based upon Lewis’ description, early botanical work on the specimens, current botanical literature, and knowledge of the regional flora.

Capt. Lewis, June 14, 1804 - No. 14. The wide leaf willow or that species which I believe to be common to most parts of the Atlantic States.   it grows in similar situations to that discribed with rispect to the narrow leaf willow, but is never found in such abundance, it arrives to greater size some times to forty feet in hight and eighteen inches in diameter, the leave is smoth ovate, pointed, finely indented, a pale green on the upper side and of a whiteis[h] green or silver colour underneath,  like the narrow leaf willow the leaf is widest in the middle where it is from one inch to 3/4 wide.   it bears it's seed in the manner discribed of the other and the plants ar[e] likewise male and female.

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