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violet prairie clover

Capt. Lewis, July 20th, 1804 – No. 15. Was taken on the 20th of July, a bieniel plant, an inhabitant of the open praries or plains, high situations, where the grass is low. the flower is a pale purple colour small form a kind of button of a long cone like form which terminate [s] it's branches which are numerous, it grows abo[u]t 2 1/2 or three feet high. it is a stranger to me. the leaves are small and narrow, and divided into three on a stem.

Captain Lewis also collected a sample of the white variety (Dalea candida) -

Capt. Lewis, July 20th, 1804No. 16. this is much the same as No 15. with this difference that the blume of the conic tausel are white in stead of purple and it's leaves single fewer and longer.

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