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Western Gull

Capt. Clark, March 6, 1806--3rd the large Grey Gull, or white larus with a greyish brown back, and light grey belly and breast, about the size of a well grown pullet, the wings are remarkably long in perpotion to the size of the body and it's under chap towards the extremity is [more] gibbous and protuberant than in either of the other species. ...The large Grey Gull is found on the Columbian waters as high as the enterance of the KoosKooske and in common with the other species on the coast; the others (ed. - this is part of a section describing 3 different types of gulls and the fulmar) appear confined to the tidewater, and the 4th species (ed. - the fulmar) not so common as either of the others.

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