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Red Squirrel

Capt. Lewis, February 25, 1806--the small gray squirrel common to every part of the rocky mountain which is timbered, difirs from the dark brown squirrel just discribed only in it’s colour. it’s back, sides, neck, head tail and outer side of the legs are of a brown lead coloured grey; the tail has a slight touch of the fox colour near the extremity of some of the hairs. the throat, breast, belley, and inner parts of the legs are of the colour of tanner’s ooze and have a narrow stripe of black, commencing just behi[n]de each sholder and exten[d]ing longitudinaly for about 3 inches betwen the colours of the sides and belley. their habids are also the same of the dark brown squirrel of this neighbourhood and like them are extreemly nimble and active.

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