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spiny softshell

On this day, just after describing hiking away from the Missouri and climbing a hill where he looked west and saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time, Capt. Lewis turned again to describing some of the wildlife he had seen. Subsequently, he called this little creek "Turtle Creek".

Capt. Lewis, May 26, 1805--on my return to the river I passed a creek about 20 yds wide. near its entrance it had a handsome little stream of runing water; in this creek I saw several softshelled Turtles which were the first that have been seen this season; this I believe proceeded reather from the season than from their non existence in the portion of the river from the Mandans hither.

Capt. Clark, July 29. 1806--cought 3 cat fish. they wer small and fat. also a Soft Shell turtle.

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