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Great Horned Owl

Capt. Lewis, April 14, 1805--one of a party killed a large hooting owl;  I observed no difference between this bird and those of the same family common to the U.' States, except that this appeared to be more booted  and more thickly clad with feathers.

Capt. Lewis, May 20, 1805--I saw two large Owls with remarkable long feathers on the sides of the head which resembled ears; I take them to be the large hooting Owl tho: they are somewhat larger and their colours brighter than those common to the U. States.

Capt. Lewis, March 3 1806--we also met with the large hooting Owl under the Rocky Mountains on the Kooskooskee river.  It did not appear to be materially different from those of our country.  I think its colours reather deeper and brighter than with us, particularly the redish brown—it is the same size and form.

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