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Amphibians & Reptiles

National Amphibian Atlas

National Amphibian Atlas The National Amphibian Atlas provides an interactive mapping system showing the locations of frogs, toads and salamanders in the U.S. based on museum records, published records, and presumed presence (largely county-based but sometimes sub-county areas are depicted in the western U.S.).


Breeding Bird Atlas Explorer

The Breeding Bird Atlas Explorer provides links to U.S. state and Canadian provincial atlases, as well as providing a raster-based mapping system of many bird species in North America. The site also provides a Map gallery of seven maps downloadable in PNG, PDF and KMZ formats. Finally, one may also get map data (atlas spatial data and base layers) in SHP or KML formats.


North American Mammals (ArcGIS Server and Google Earth)

Mammal Map The North American Mammals website provides a map search of the ecoregions. By clicking on a specific ecoregion, the viewer can then see a listing of the mammals present in that zone. The enhanced map search allows one to view the layered locations of orders of mammals, or interactively selecting species within an order, with descriptions of the associated ecoregions. The teacher resources provide lesson plans and a bouncing cursor on how to use the North American Mammals website.


Fishes EMu database to Google Earth format

Fish records with coordinate data can now be automatically plotted into a KML file that can be viewed in Google Earth. To test the mapping capabilities, go to the Fishes search page, go to Search by Field, and enter the scientific name, family, location, expedition, etc, and then click on Search. When the results are returned, select Export to KML and open the file in Google Earth. Two views, one is just placemarks with taxonomic names… or you can select an individual record placemark that will then open a pop-up with more detailed information, including images.

Fishes EMu Database

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