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Mineral Sciences

Dynamic Planet

The Dynamic Planet Map is designed to show Earth’s most prominent features when viewed from a distance, and more detailed features upon closer inspection. The interactive web presentation accompanies a 3’ x 3.5’ wall map and was generated with the use of ArcGIS Server.

Find Volcanoes by Region

World volcano map The Find Volcanoes by Region webpage allows viewers to select volcanic regions and subregions around the world. Once a subregion is chosen, photos, descriptions and statistics regarding individual volcanoes can be seen. All maps were generated in this site with ER Mapper.

Google Earth Volcano layer placemarks

Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program (GVP) data for known or inferred Holocene volcanoes are now available as a Google Earth layer, displaying a photo (when available), geographic data, and links to more detailed information from the GVP and international volcano observatories or other websites focusing on regional volcanoes.

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