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US Geological Map The Maps Catalog, as compiled by Jim Harle and his other volunteers, currently includes 17,801 distinct maps covering thousands of subjects, with thousands of images available for viewing. Viewers can search for details about any of the maps, spread across four different collections, using four different methods. Specifically, one can search by subject, geography, coordinates, or make an advanced search.

Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield Specimen Search and Maps (Google)

Botany’s Specimen Search & Maps provides a Google Earth map (along with the appropriate portion of the EMu database) display of the particular specimen records chosen by the user.

Flora of the Washington-Baltimore area (TopoZone)

The Flora of the Washington-Baltimore area delivers three maps: a static map of the flora of the Washington-Baltimore area; a historic map of DC from 1917 (using Zoomify to zoom in on the four quarters); and a DC gazetteer of collection localities where one can link to collection areas using TopoZone.

NOTE: There are some problems with this website: the title of the first static map implies that it is of the flora. It is not of the flora; rather, it just outlines the whole study area on a crude hand-drawn map. And the third map does not identify collection localities on the maps; rather, it provides simply links to TopoZone maps where collections were gathered.

Flora of the West Indies

West Indies Flora The Flora of the West Indies includes an interactive map that, when an island is clicked, links one to a close-up map of that island or island group. When the user clicks on the named location in the close-up map, the results of the query give all of the botanical species collected in that area with links to the individual species descriptions and photos.

Checklist of Plants of Myanmar

The Checklist of the Plants of Myanmar displays a map of the country divided into its states. When the cursor hovers over a state, the state’s name pops up. The user can then click on the state name chosen to the left of the map to bring up plant species collected in that area.

More than meets the eye – mapping the flora of the Guiana Shield (video)

Video of Guiana Shield The More than Meets the Eye – Mapping the Flora of the Guiana Shield website provides a video of Dr. Vicki Funk discussing the use of digital photography with Google Earth. She also discusses the importance of georeferencing for collections.

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