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Vikings (interactive map with photos)

Vikings' Voyage Map The Exhibit tab includes one static map of Viking transatlantic voyages, as does the Learning Center tab (Follow the "View the Exhibit" link or the "Viking Voyage" link to get to the Learning Center tab). The Viking Voyage provides an interactive map (both Flash and HTML versions are available), that gives verbal accounts of clickable individual sites around the north Atlantic, along with tabs to archaeology, sagas, history, the environment, and genetics. A few of these tabs lead to several static antique and modern maps as well.

Arctic Studies Center (map of the arctic)

Gulf of St. Lawrence The Arctic Studies Center main page provides a static map of the Arctic, while naming major areas of the Arctic in northern Eurasia and northern North America.

Alaska Native Collections: Sharing Knowledge

The Alaska Native Collections website gives an account of the different cultures of the Alaskan region, on into the Northeast Siberian region. The Browse tab allows for easy viewing of recorded items from different cultures. Upon clicking an item, one can view additional recorded facts about that item, as well as maps and tours of the item's historical use. The Cultures tab shows a map where one can choose an area and read about that area's culture and people's experiences in that area. There is also a Search tab which allows for an advanced search through the collections based on location and object type.

African Voices (interactive maps)

Under the Themes tab, The Market Crossroads sub-tab brings up a link to Music in Motion, an interactive map connecting six different regions of Africa to local musical sounds. In addition, the "A Visit to Accra" link provides a map of the 31 December Makola Market where information about each section of the market pops up as the cursor slides around the market. The Global Africa sub-tab has a link to African Journeys, an interactive map that displays the movements of Africans around the globe during different time periods.

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