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Read the inside scoop as our museum scientists and experts blog about the behind-the-scenes stories of the Fossil Hall renovations, the Last American Dinosaurs exhibit, and of their paleobiology research.

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The plaque mount of Corythosaurus before it was removed from the wall ( 06-15-2015 )
Smithsonian Fossil Hall Renovation: Taking the Last Things Apart
A collage of several fossil pollen grains, spores, and algal cysts from the Hell Creek formation, viewed using scanning electron microscopy ( 06-15-2015 )
Tiny Grains of Fossil Pollen Tell a Big Story
Triceratops fossil in foreground and Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in the background ( 06-12-2015 )
5 Dino-mite Tips for Taking Kids to Visit 'The Last American Dinosaurs'
Prof.Wayne Vogl holds a microscope slide of stained rorqual nerve tissue below a blue whale skeleton mounted in UBC's Beaty Biodiversity Centre. Photo by Global News ( 05-09-2015 )
Cover Article In Current Biology On Stretchy Nerves In Rorquals
Fossilab staff holding Eocetus vertebrate ( 05-01-2015 )
Marine Mammals in FossiLab
Marine tetrapods as depicted by artist Karen Carr ( 04-16-2015 )
New Paper In Science On The Many Returns To Sea By Tetrapods

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