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Read the inside scoop as our museum scientists and experts blog about the behind-the-scenes stories of the Fossil Hall renovations, the Last American Dinosaurs exhibit, and of their paleobiology research.

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A grouping of Hagerman horse specimens, including three adults and one 'newborn,' was displayed for decades in our fossil exhibits. ( 09-11-2015 )
(Fossil) Horse Trading
The skull and jaws of Isthminia panamensis (USNM 546125) carefully posed in near-life articulation by NMNH Imaging. (Photo: NMNH Imaging / Smithsonian Institution) ( 09-01-2015 )
Welcome Isthminia! A New Fossil 'River Dolphin' From Panama
Dog walking on dirt with a large cow bone between its mouth ( 08-21-2015 )
From the Field: Following the Bone Trail
Hiking toward an outcrop early in the morning (left) and traversing an outcrop high above the valley floor (right). Following trails previously blazed by animals gave us the most solid footing across the crumbly surface. ( 08-13-2015 )
From the Field: Exploring an Ancient Ecosystem
scientists and a dog standing on top of a mound pointing in many directions ( 07-30-2015 )
From the Field: Tracking the Last American Dinosaurs through Time
GWU graduate student, Alli Hartley, stands with the panels being tested at the entrance to The Last American Dinosaur exhibit. The calm before the storm! (© Katy Lemley) ( 07-20-2015 )
Visitor Feedback Helps Design of the New Deep Time Fossil Hall

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