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Read the inside scoop as our museum scientists and experts blog about the behind-the-scenes stories of the Fossil Hall renovations, the Last American Dinosaurs exhibit, and of their paleobiology research.

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An example of the beautiful fossils found at the Colwell Creek Pond site. This is Compsopteris, a pteridosperm, or seed fern, which is an extinct plant type common during the Permian. ( 11-20-2015 )
From the Field: The Early Permian of Texas
Lead author Ana Valenzuela-Toro holds an incomplete right femur of the paratype specimen (USNM 438712) belonging to the new fossil seal named Australophoca changorum. ( 11-20-2015 )
Australophoca, A New Dwarf Fossil Seal From South America
Scientists prospecting for fossils in the Cretaceous redbeds that were once coastal plains roamed by dinosaurs. ( 10-30-2015 )
From the Field: The Last French Dinosaurs
Two isolated fossil specimens are made ready for excavation by coating them and surrounding matrix with a hardening solution. ( 10-14-2015 )
From The Field: The Late Triassic of Arizona
At a microsite, the team carefully scans the surface of the ground in search of small fossils. ( 09-25-2015 )
From the Field: The Data are in the Strata
A grouping of Hagerman horse specimens, including three adults and one 'newborn,' was displayed for decades in our fossil exhibits. ( 09-11-2015 )
(Fossil) Horse Trading

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