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Read the inside scoop as our museum scientists and experts blog about the behind-the-scenes stories of the Fossil Hall renovations, the Last American Dinosaurs exhibit, and of their paleobiology research.

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Norman Boss working on the Eocene lizard Saniwa ensidens, 1922. ( 05-10-2017 )
Norman H. Boss - A Nearly 'Indispensible Man';
James Smithson Fellow, Dr. Alyson Fleming, points to a whale bone while speaking. ( 12-05-2016 )
Arctic Cetaceans - Indicators Of Climate Change
Like a rugby melee, everyone join forces to tip a very large field jacket containing a Triceratops skull and flip it upside down. ( 12-02-2016 )
From the Field: Tracking the Last American Dinosaurs through Time no.2
Smithsonian scientists carefully excavate dinosaur fossiles from different layers of rock. ( 10-06-2016 )
From the Field: A Dinosaur Excavation in Montana
A good knowledge of geology and sedimentology, combined with a sprinkle of luck, helps in determining which rocks will split open to reveal fossil leaves. Kirk Johnson points at a first split that looks promising. ( 09-09-2016 )
From the Field: Hunting Cretaceous Plants

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