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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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The Scholar Is In is a new program series for the temporary exhibition RACE: Are We So Different? Visitors can meet and talk with anthropologists, scientists, historians, sociologists, and other researchers about race, science, history, and society.

On August 17th 3-4pm, journalist, lawyer, and professor Phil Tajitsu Nash participated in an online chat from 3-4pm. Nash teaches Asian American Studies courses at the University of Maryland. He served as Curator of the Asian Pacific American component of the 2010 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and is one of the founders of the Asian Pacific American multiracial identity movement. Nash spoke about the history and evolution of "multiracial" as an identity and a category, and other issues relating to race, law, identity, and culture.

Stay tuned to participate online here

Past The Scholar Is In programs (recorded for your exploration)

July 20th, 3-4pm: The Scholar Is In - Join Dr. Chacko, Associate Prof. of Geography and International Affairs and Chair of the Department of Geography at George Washington Universit. She is joining us to discuss her research on African and Asian immigrants to the United States and their racial, national and ethnic identities, as well as how immigrant communities create ethnic spaces in U.S. urban centers.

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