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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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sea lions at rest

Sea lion pups at rest Monterey, California

Photo by Kevin Schafer

Ocean views gallery

The ocean is the very essence of life itself. We depend on it, we enjoy it, yet we often understand little about this vast and important environment. Within the ocean’s diverse ecosystems lie an extraordinary realm of creatures and habitats that are both beautiful to observe and essential to the continued health of our planet. 

Ocean Views is a new and exciting photographic exhibit from the National Museum of Natural History and Nature's Best Photography. As a complement to the opening of the Museum's upcoming Ocean Hall, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and Nature’s Best Photography created the Ocean Views photography competition—inviting photographers of all levels to share their connections with the sea. Over 10,000 entries were received. Ocean Views presents a selection of the photographs submitted. Through the stories that these selected photographs tell, visitors will gain new insight into ocean life and become motivated to celebrate, embrace, and protect this fragile world.

About Windland Smith Rice

Windland Rice Smith

This exhibition has been named in memory of Windland Smith Rice for her unyielding support of emerging photographers worldwide. Windland's love for nature and photography was second only to her love for people and her legacy will fuel the passion of these artists for generations to come.


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