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Mandarin duck by Russ Burden

Mandarin Duck by Russ Burden, Art in Nature Winner, Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards

Burchell's Zebras

Burchell's Zebras, Kalahari desert Botswana, by Richard du Toit
Grand Prize Winner 2007

This selection of 60 images from the prestigious 2007 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards competition includes the Grand Prize and winners in 15 categories. More than 17,000 entries were submitted from photographers from 26 countries around the world to document the beauty, variety, and importance of Earth’s wildlife and wild places.

Also on display are dramaticaly beautiful images of polar bears and the arctic by the Conservation Photographer of the Year, Howard Ruby. His images inspire others to learn more about the environment and climate change. Join us in celebrating this unique blend of artistic creativity, natural history, and leading photographic and print technology.

About Windland Smith Rice

indland Rice Smith

This exhibition has been named in memory of Windland Smith Rice for her unyielding support of emerging photographers worldwide. Windland's love for nature and photography was second only to her love for people and her legacy will fuel the passion of these artists for generations to come.


The 2007 Nature’s Best Photography Exhibition
is presented by Sony
and is made possible by the generous
support of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Smith
Charles and Beverly Veatch
and other Anonymous donors

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