What can collectors do to safeguard the scientific "worth" of their fossil discoveries?

1. Try to record as much information as you can about where the fossil was found. If possible, use GPS to record the precise location. If you have a camera with you, take pictures of the place. If the fossil is still embedded in the rock, record the kind and color of sediment. If it is on the surface of the ground, try to figure out exactly what rock layer it eroded from. Make careful note of anything else that was in or on the ground where you found the fossil.

2. Be careful! Fossils are fragile, and break easily. It's important to keep all the pieces together.

3. If the fossil must be excavated, don't remove it from the ground without asking for help from someone who has collected fossils before.

4. Follow the Code of Fossil Collecting adopted by the Paleontological Society. Click here to read the code.