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Illustration of ancient flora

Washington, D.C., 110 million years ago. This painting shows what our "backyard" was like during the Early Cretaceous Period. How do we know about this ancient environment and the plants and animals that lived here? Click throughout the image or on the thumbnails to find out.

Depiction of a scene in a swampy forest in Maryland 110 million years ago
Painting by Mary Parrish. Ornithomimid Dromeosaur Propanoplosaurus, a nodosaur Large Theropod Ornithopod Pleurocoelus Pleurocoelus Pterosaur Pterosaur Arundelconodon Mussels and Snail Goniopholis Turtle Ceratodus Enantiornithine Bird Katydid “Sequoia” ambigua Dromeosaur Frog Athrotaxopsis “Sequoia” ambigua Ferns Ferns Rogersia

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