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Illustration of ancient flora

Scientific Discussions and Advice:

Matthew T. Carrano, National Museum of Natural History
Anna K. Behrensmeyer, National Museum of Natural History
Scott Wing, National Museum of Natural History
John Pojeta, National Museum of Natural History
Brian Huber, National Museum of Natural History
Bill DiMichele, National Museum of Natural History
Leo Hickey, Yale University
Jim Clark, George Washington University

Fossil Donations, Discussions and Interviews:

Dave Hacker
Tom Lipka
Ray Stanford

Art, Photography and Videography, National Museum of Natural History:

Mary Parrish
Chip Clark
Don Hurlbert
Anna K. Behrensmeyer
Scott Wing
David Price
Katie Velazco
Robert Costello
Michael Brett-Surman
Carlita Sanford
Lucia King
Stephanie S. Bailey
Abby Telfer

Additional Images:

Gregory S. Paul
Christopher Scotese
Scott Anselmo/Flikr
Rod Benson/
Gerald Elgert
Dave Hacker
K. Lee/Wikipedia
Tom Lipka
Susan Middleton, California Academy of Sciences
Meghan Murphy, Smithsonian's National Zoo
Sam Ose/Wikipedia
National Park Service
Paleobiology Database
United States Geological Survey

The brooding oviraptor is from: Clark, James Matthew, et. al. 1999. An oviraptorid skeleton from the late Cretaceous of Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia, preserved in an avianlike brooding position over an oviraptorid nest. American Museum novitates; no. 3265

The nodosaur armor is from: Matthew, W.D. 1922. A Super-Dreadnaught of the Animal World: The Armored Dinosaur Palaeoscincus. Natural History XXII(4), 333-342

The Edmontosaurus skin impression is from: Osborn, Henry Fairfield 1916. Integument of the Iguanodont Dinosaur Trachodon. Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History v. 1: Plate VI

Web Site Development:

Charles Chen, Department of Exhibits, National Museum of Natural History
Abby Telfer, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History

Additional Help:

Benjamin H. Miller
Erin Embrey
Suzanne McIntire
Mary Lou Fisher
Huntley Meadows and the Fairfax County, Virginia, Park Authority

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