Pleurocoelus adult and baby (PLUR-oh-SEE-luss)

Artist's reconstruction of an adult and a juvenile Pleurocoelus. These are large dinosaurs that walk on four feet and have long necks and tails.

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Pleurocoelus was a sauropod (SORE-oh-pod) dinosaur, a plant-eater similar to Diplodocus (di-PLOD-oh-kuss) but with a shorter neck and tail. It may be related to the giant Brachiosaurus (BRAK-ee-oh-SORE-us), which lived about 40 million years earlier. It also may be the same as another dinosaur called Astrodon (AST-roh-don), but scientists are not sure.

Broken end fragments from the femurs from two sauropod dinosaurs, one adult and one juvenile.

Each of these bones is the knee-end of a femur, or thigh bone. The large specimen came from an adult, and the smaller came from an animal only a few years old. These fossils show that dinosaurs of all ages lived in this environment. Click to zoom.

Spoon-shaped tooth of a Pleurocoelus, a giant plant eating dinosaur.

This curved, spoon-shaped Pleurocoelus tooth has a broad, rounded tip adapted for cropping soft, leafy plants. Click to zoom.

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