Adult and baby dromaeosaurs (DROH-me-oh-SORE)

An artist's reconstruction of a striped and feathered dromeosaur.

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Dromaeosaurs were two-legged, meat-eating theropod dinosaurs with long, slender arms, a stiffened tail for balance, and a large, hooked claw on each foot. Many distinctive curved teeth and one partial vertebra provide evidence that dromaeosaurs lived here. Estimated to be about 1.5 meters (5 feet) long, this dromaeosaur was similar in size to its better-known relatives Velociraptor (veh-LAH-sih-RAP-tore) and Deinonychus (die-NON-i-kuss). Many anatomical similarities, including feathers, tell scientists that dromaeosaurs were very closely related to birds and would have looked very bird-like.

This curved Dromaeosaur tooth has a serrated edge, typical of meat-eating dinosaurs.

Dromaeosaur tooth. Note the knife-like edge, typical of meat-eating dinosaurs. Click to zoom.

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