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Anikó B. Tóth

 PhD Candidate, Macquarie University, Sydney
Bs, College of Willian and Mary, VA

Department of Biological Sciences
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia


Research Focus:


I am interested in using co-occurrences to study the assembly of plant and animal communities over narrow to broad spatial and temporal scales. The structural patterns exhibited by networks of pairwise associations have broad implications for the evolution and biodiversity of today’s natural systems. This research can provide insights to the workings of complex ecosystems with many moving parts, how these systems change over long timescales, and how they react to disturbances.

I am leading the network analysis project for ETE. We are analyzing the structural features of communities through time using co-occurrence networks and a newly developed predictive framework.

Top: Graphical representation of modularity as a network metric
Bottom: Idealized version of basic structural types found in real communities.


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