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Laura Soul

DPhil, University of Oxford, 2015
MSci University of Cambridge, 2010
BA University of Cambridge, 2009


Deep-time postdoctoral fellow
Smithsonian NMNH


Research Focus:


My research is on the use of phylogenetic comparative methods to ask questions about the morphological evolution of tetrapods. I focus on phylogenetic approaches in order to develop and validate methods for understanding macroevolution that can be implemented and compared across many clades and time periods.

One project I am working on at the moment is looking at whether it’s possible to find a signal in the morphological evolution of mammals that can be attributed to response to large scale migration of many Eurasian genera into North America in the early Miocene.

I am currently contributing to the Networks ETE project.

Phylogenetic clustering of extinction (measured using D) in three clades of tetrapods leading up to and following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction event. Low values correspond to strongly clustered extinction, plotted relative to the expected pattern if extinction if selective with respect to traits evolving under Brownian motion. Boxes show error associated with uncertainty in topology and divergence dates of the phylogenies

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