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Danielle Fraser

Ph.D.,Carleton University, 2015
MSc, University of Calgary, 2010
BSc, University of Calgary, 2007



Research scientist, Palaeobiology
Canadian Museum of Nature
PO Box 3443 Stn “D”
Ottawa, ON K1P 6P4 Canada


Research Focus:


The goals of my research program are to i) establish modes of biodiversity change through space and time, particularly during environmental perturbations, ii) establish the long (e.g. macroevolution, climate change) and short-term (e.g. species-species interaction) drivers of biodiversity changes at the global, continental, and local scales, and iii) to determine the interactions among species’ niches and community structure primarily using terrestrial mammals. Lately, I have been focusing on changes in the phylogenetic relatedness of terrestrial mammal communities (e.g., Fig. 1).

As part of ETE, I am leading a project investigating changes in the spatial turnover of community composition (i.e., β diversity) through time.

Fig. 1. Artiodactyl (squares) and perissodactyl (circles) phylogenetic community structure (Net Relatedness Index) against (A) δ18O (‰) from benthic foraminifera (Zachos et al., 2008) and and mean annual precipitation (MAP) from paleosols (Retallack, 2007). From:

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