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Jussi T. Eronen

Ph.D.,University of Helsinki, Finland, 2006
M.Phil., University of Helsinki, Finland, 2003


Department of Geosciences and Geography
University of Helsinki

BIOS - an independent research unit
Helsinki, Finland


Research Focus:


I aim my research so that the results of my work are relevant for ongoing discussion about the development of and changes in environments and ecosystems, and to the priorities of society. In recent times I have become active in investigating how humankind and society are capable of solving the looming environmental and climate crisis. I feel that this is the field I can contribute most to the actual benefit of the society, as many times we are forgetting the natural history when investigating the future.

Within ETE community I am mostly interested how past climates develop, and what controls the terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems structures through time. I am also the Associate Coordinator for the NOW database, which is one of the largest fossil terrestrial mammal databases.

From: Eronen, J.T., Fortelius, M., Micheels, A., Portmann, F.T., Puolamäki, K. , Janis, C.M. 2012. Neogene Aridification of the Northern Hemisphere. Geology 40, 823-826.

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