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René Bobe

Ph.D., University of Washington
B.A., Pomona College


Departamento de Antropología
Universidad de Chile

School of Anthropology
University of Oxford


Research Focus:


I am a biological anthropologist interested in the relationship between climate and evolution, with a focus on the ecology of human origins in Africa. I study fossil mammals that provide long-term records of ecological and environmental change. I have ongoing projects in the Afar Region (Ethiopia), the lower Omo Valley (Ethiopia), the Lake Turkana Basin (Kenya), and Gorongosa National Park (Mozambique). I also conduct field research in Patagonia to explore the origins and environments of early South American primates.

My current research with the ETE Working Group involves Late Cenozoic mammalian evolution in the Turkana Basin of Kenya and maintenance of the Turkana Paleontology Database

Proportion of Alcelaphini, Antilopini, and Hippotragini (AAH) among bovids in the Omo-Turkana Basin of Ethiopia and Kenya from 7 million years to 1 million years ago. These bovids show important ecological changes in the basin over millions of years.

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