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Written In Stone
Pre-Islamic Period Inscriptions

Safaitic (2)

(2) نقش صفوي

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54cm x 36cm x 8cm
NMSA Object #801

Writing from right to left; starting at the point at the right of the stone and then spiraling across and towards the center.

L sh tha bn m a(in) z m hb w d tha a

Probably Transcription
Lashast bin Maiz bin Mahab w datha

(Not yet deciphered / translated)

This inscription, which has yet to be fully deciphered, will be more visible if one bears in mind that it looks like a lower case "e." The inscription should be "read" from the "tail" of the "e" toward the center.

حجر عليه نقش صفوي كتب بطريقة النقر وبأسلوب حلزوني من اليمين إلى اليسار. وهو للتعريف باسم صاحب النقش واسم ابيه وجده

ل ش ث ب ن م ع ز ب ن م هـ ب و د ث أ

لشث بن ماعز بن مهب ودسا

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