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Written In Stone
Pre-Islamic Period Inscriptions

Thamudic (6)

(6) نقش ثمودي

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20cm x 17cm x 3cm
NMSA Object #865

Written from left to right.

L h b r b n

(The name of a person)

Thamudic (Musnad al Shamali) inscriptions constitute the oldest scripts found in Arabia. They can be dated as early as the latter half of the second millenium BC. These inscriptions are mostly from northern Saudi Arabia, but they can be found throughout the Arabian Peninsula.


حجر عليه نقش ثمودي مكتوب من اليسار إلى اليمين وبدأت بلام التعريف وأسم كاتب النقش

ل ح ب ر ب ن




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