White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae)

Living image of	a White Peacock Family: Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies).
Geographic Distribution: North, Central and South America. Southern US, Central and South America and the West Indies.
Wingspan: 28-30 mm (2-2 3/8 in).
Larval host plants: Blechum spp., Ruellia spp. (Acanthaceae); Lippia spp. (Verbenaceae); Bacopa spp., Lindernia spp. (Scrophulariaceae).
Habitats: Swampy places, watersides, shorelines and disturbed ground.
Identification: Forewing tips are slightly rounded while the hindwings possess a small bumplike tail. Both side of the wings are white blending to buff and orange at the margins. They are overlaid with comple patterns of brown and orange with small black eyespots.
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White Peacock
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