Orchard Swallowtail, Citrus Swallowtail 
(Papilio demodocus)

Live image of Orchard Swallowtail on flower, side view Family: Papilionidae (swallowtails).
Geographic Distribution: Africa.
Wingspan: 90-120 mm (3.5 - 4.75 in).
Larval host plants: Cultivated citrus and legumes.
Habits: Cultivated land and tropical forest.
Identification: Black with bold yellow spotting with no tails. Band of black on the hindwing, with characteristic tooth edge.

Thumbnail of Orchard Swallowtail specimen, Dorsal View
Orchard Swallowtail,
Dorsal View
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Thumbnail of Orchard Swallowtail specimen, Ventral View
Orchard Swallowtail,
Ventral View
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