Forest Queen (Euxanthe wakefieldi)

Living image of a Forest Queen Family: Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies).
Geographic Distribution: Africa. Tropical east Africa to Mozambique and Natal Province in South Africa.
Wingspan: 80-100 mm (3.25-4 in).
Larval host plants: Deinbollia spp.
Habitats: Tropical forest.
Identification: Black wings with white markings that have a bluish green iridescence. Marginal row of rounded white spots on hindwing. Abdomen is tipped with brownish yellow. Females are larger and paler and lack the bluish tint.

Thumbnail of a Forest Queen, Dorsal View
Forest Queen,
Dorsal View
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Thumbnail of a Forest Queen, Ventral View
Forest Queen,
Ventral View
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