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Dawn D. Biddison
Assistant Curator, Anchorage Office

Dawn BiddisonDawn Biddison is Assistant Curator at the Arctic Studies Center’s Alaska office in Anchorage. In addition to providing project coordination and administrative support, Dawn works with curator Aron Crowell and Alaska Native Elders, tribal representatives, scholars and artists on the Sharing Knowledge Project, a cultural heritage project based on Smithsonian collections. This collaborative work is the foundation for a new Smithsonian web site (https://alaska.si.edu/), exhibition “Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage: The First Peoples of Alaska” at the Anchorage Museum (opens 2010) and publication (in progress). Dawn also assists in education and outreach by working with volunteers and interns and by presenting at conferences.

Dawn’s interest in anthropology began as an undergraduate at Columbia University and University College London where she pursued a cross-cultural emphasis to her study of psychology. Between jobs ranging from drug abuse research in Washington State jails to cooking in the Alaska bush and Antarctica, she traveled extensively in North, Central and South America. Her time with Indigenous peoples, along with time spent at museums and remote archaeology sites, led her interest back to anthropology and to dissemination through museum work. Dawn completed her Masters in Anthropology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks while working at its UA Museum in collections, in exhibits and as a guest curator. While conducting fieldwork for her thesis on contemporary Alaska Native art, she was an intern at the Anchorage office of the Arctic Studies Center, and upon graduation, was hired as a researcher there. Calling Alaska her home for over a decade, Dawn looks forward to continued collaborative work that serves Alaska’s diverse communities.

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