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Written in Stone
Written In Stone: Pre-Islamic Period Inscriptions
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Musnad al Janubi
(South Arabic) (2)

The inscription consists of four lines, written from right to left.

n ya a'in th t / k ya l / w m q m / sh ya m ha m w
gh wa n ha m w / b n / a a'in r b n / w b z t
t a t b / r ya m m / s a'in d / w ha w f ya n
r ya m m / r dh w / w h sd ya / m r a ha m

Nai Asath/ Khail/ w maqam/ shai mahamo/
Ghawnham/bin/ A'araban/ w bazat/
Ta'atab/remom/sad/w hawfain
Remom/ Rado/ wa hasiya/ mraham

With the power of Naiqthat and his high position

Ghawnaham from the Arabian tribe of

Dhat Ta'atab - Raimam Sa'ad

Fulfilled and pleased with the will

of their Lord and his presence.

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34cm x 27cm x 12cm
NMSA Object #878
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