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Written in Stone
Written In Stone: Pre-Islamic Period Inscriptions
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This incense burner bears one of the Aramaic inscriptions within the "Pre-Islamic Epigraphy" collection of the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

The insciption consists of six lines,
written from top to bottom, and is inscribed on an incense burner.

m ha r n a d ya
q r b th j a'in l ha
b r a r sh
b r n ha a l
x x x l h ya ya
(n j a'in l) ha w n f sh
(a kh r t ha)

This incense burner is presented by Naja al bin Arshan bin Nah'al
for his and his family's favor.

fig01 color fig01 b&w
fig01 drawing
34cm x 27cm x 12cm
c. 600 BC
NMSA Object #211
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