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Permits & Permitting

The Ornithological Council is pleased to provide ornithologists with a series of comprehensive guides to the many permits needed for ornithological research. Some of the permit systems - particularly the import systems for live birds and specimens - are complex and  time-consuming process. Others are relatively simple. In both cases, our intent is to provide step-by-step guides for the ornithologist. Busy ornithologists have not had ready access to clear and consistent information. Attempting to navigate the complexities of permitting is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Once we have completed the information for the United States, we will post information for research permits in Canada and Mexico. Eventually, we hope to provide information about permits needed to work in countries throughout the Western Hemisphere.

United States

Import Guides

State Policies and Procedures


  • Canadian Wildlife Service

  • Canadian Provincial Permit Policies and Procedures


  • Mexican Permit Policies and Procedures

Permit resources