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Ornithological links outside of BIRDNET

The links below, listed alphabetically, are provided as a service to the ornithological community. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of an organization, or verification of information it provides, by the Ornithological Council.

To suggest for a new link or to note a correction, contact the BIRDNET webmaster.

The Albatross Project, sponsored by Wake Forest University

The Alex Foundation ~ studies of communication & intelligence in parrots

American Bird Conservancy

Backyard Birding

BioDiversity Research Institute

Bird Families of the World

Bird Monitoring in North America ~ USGS

Birds of North America ~ life history accounts of all North American birds

Bird Identification Tips ~ Patuxent USGS

Breeding Bird Survey ~ USGS

Christmas Bird Count ~ National Audubon Society

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Crossbill Information through the American Museum of Natural History

Darwin's mockingbirds ~ the endemic mockingbirds of the Galápagos

Electronic Resources on Ornithology

Hanging and Fig Parrots ~ The Hanging and Fig Parrot International Conservancy

Hoffman's birding site~ includes much information on shorebirds

Kakapo recovery Programme (New Zealand)

National Finch and Softbill Society Homepage

Nest box construction ~ instructions from North Carolina State University

Ornithology links provided by Dr. J. Pitocchelli

OWL ~ Ornithological Worlwide Literature (online database)

Patuxent Bird Quiz ~ USGS

The Peregrine Falcon Page ~ features live pictures of a Peregrine nest during breeding season

The Peregrine Fund

Peterson online from Houghton Mifflin Interactive

The Raptor Center ~ University of Minnesota

U.S. National Park Service (NPS) (Information Center for the Environment)

World Parrot Trust


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