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The Sant Ocean Hall

The Museum’s newest – and largest – permanent exhibition, the Sant Ocean Hall, contains traditional mounted specimens paired with innovative technology, providing guests with a thorough and original experience.  A major theme of the hall is the fact that 71 percent of the Earth is covered by one vast, interconnected body of water―the ocean. The hall offers an exciting opportunity to learn about this large and complex ecosystem, from the deepest reaches of the ocean to the microscopic life underfoot at the beach. Featured are a set of 7-foot-tall prehistoric shark jaws and a model of a 45-foot-long North Atlantic right whale named “Phoenix,” suspended from the hall’s more than 4-story-high ceiling. “Ocean Odyssey,” a breathtaking videotape of high-definition underwater footage by Feodor Pitcairn, is shown on the walls of the exhibition’s central space. The hall is also one of only two places in the US to display a complete giant squid specimen—the one at the Sant Ocean Hall is the largest at 24 feet long.

Explore the Sant Ocean Hall within the NMNH Virtual Tour.

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