National Museum of Natural History Annual Report 2003
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Entire report

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Messages from Cristián Samper, Director, and Marshall Turner,
Chair of the Board

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Double portrait of Christián Samper and Marshall Turner


The Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals

The largest exhibition devoted to the history of mammals in the world—
the Museum’s new Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals—opened on November 15, 2003.

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For more information on the exhibition and mammals:
North American Mammals:


View of Mammals Hall



Highlights of the Museum’s exhibitions in 2003
The Splendor of Diamonds; Smithsonian’s Mobell Collection of Jeweled Art; A Korean American Century; A Passion for Plants; America’s Wildest Places: Our National Wildlife Refuge System; Online Exhibitions
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The Dynamic Earth:
Lewis and Clark as Naturalists:
Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West:
Current Exhibitions:
Online Exhibitions:



yellow diamond

Public Programs, Events & Activities at the Museum

Each year, the Museum offers a host of educational and cultural activities, programs and entertainment that are free and open to the public
Smithsonian Jazz Café; Insect Expo; Environmental Film Festival; Asian Pacific American Heritage Month; Smithsonian Dinosaur Symposium; Naturalist Center
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Educational Resources:
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Korean dancers

Scientific Meetings & Conferences at the Museum

During 2003, Smithsonian scientists convened a number of important meetings with their national and international colleagues to contribute to advancements in their fields.
Smithsonian Biological Symposium 2003; Fifth World Archaeological Congress;
North American Council on Environmental Cooperation; NEON Coordination and Implementation Conference; Calibration of the Geological Timescale Workshop; Mangrove Biodiversity Conference
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Research & Collections

Formation & Evolution of the Earth & Similar Planets: The Fiery Glow of Blue Diamonds; From Little Micas, Fierce Volcanoes?
Discovering & Understanding Life’s Diversity: Heliconia and Hummingbirds;
The Smithsonian Biological Exploration Fund; Digitizing Valuable Plant Collections; Discovering a Third Partner in a Co-evolutionary System; Expedition Discovers Biological Treasure; Clarifying the Status of an Endangered Species; Rising Seas Doom Bermuda Albatross; Improving Birdstrike Identification; Coral Reef Decline Began Centuries Ago; Ancient Plants Discovered in Patagonia; AAAS Honors Smithsonian Scientists
The Study of Human Diversity & Culture Change: Ancient Animal Populations Many Have Changed… but Early Humans Remained; Unlocking Secrets from Ancient Maize; Archaeologist Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
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Research & Collections:



Cross-section of mineral under microscope

Communicating Science Through the Media

Broadcast Appearances, Publications and Science in the News
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Dr. Doug Owsley with cast-iron coffin at the filming of the ABC and Discovery Channel Programs


About the Museum

Special Thanks to Our Supporters; Acquisitions; Financial Summary;
Museum Board & Executive Staff; Smithsonian National Board; Ways
to Support the Museum

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Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton