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361 records returned.

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Order: Rodentia (Rodents)
Family: Aplodontidae (Mountain Beaver)
Aplodontia rufa (Sewellel)
Family: Castoridae (Beaver)
Castor canadensis (American Beaver)
Family: Cricetidae (Rats, Mice, Voles and Lemmings)
Arborimus albipes (White-footed Vole)
Arborimus longicaudus (Red Tree Vole)
Arborimus pomo (Sonoma Tree Vole)
Baiomys musculus (Southern Pygmy Mouse)
Baiomys taylori (Northern Pygmy Mouse)
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus (Nearctic Collared Lemming)
Dicrostonyx hudsonius (Ungava Collared Lemming)
Dicrostonyx richardsoni (Richardson's Collared Lemming)
Habromys chinanteco (Chinanteco Deermouse)
Habromys delicatulus (Delicate Deermouse)
Habromys ixtlani (Ixtlán Deermouse)
Habromys lepturus (Zempoaltepec Deermouse)
Habromys lophurus (Crested-tailed Deermouse)
Habromys simulatus (Jico Deermouse)
Hodomys alleni (Allen's Woodrat)
Lemmiscus curtatus (Sagebrush Vole)
Lemmus trimucronatus (Nearctic Brown Lemming)
Megadontomys cryophilus (Oaxacan Big-toothed Deermouse)
Megadontomys nelsoni (Nelson's Big-toothed Deermouse)
Megadontomys thomasi (Thomas' Big-toothed Deermouse)
Microtus abbreviatus (Insular Vole)
Microtus breweri (Beach Vole)
Microtus californicus (California Vole)
Microtus canicaudus (Gray-tailed Vole)
Microtus chrotorrhinus (Rock Vole)
Microtus guatemalensis (Guatemalan Vole)
Microtus longicaudus (Long-tailed Vole)
Microtus mexicanus (Mexican Vole)
Microtus miurus (Singing Vole)
Microtus montanus (Montane Vole)
Microtus oaxacensis (Tarabundí Vole)
Microtus ochrogaster (Prairie Vole)
Microtus oeconomus (Root Vole)
Microtus oregoni (Creeping Vole)
Microtus pennsylvanicus (Meadow Vole)
Microtus pinetorum (Woodland Vole)
Microtus quasiater (Jalapan Vole)
Microtus richardsoni (North American Water Vole)
Microtus townsendii (Townsend's Vole)
Microtus umbrosus (Zempoaltépec Vole)
Microtus xanthognathus (Taiga Vole)
Myodes californicus (Western Red-backed Vole)
Myodes gapperi (Southern Red-backed Vole)
Myodes rutilus (Northern Red-backed Vole)
Nelsonia goldmani (Goldman?s Diminutive Woodrat)
Nelsonia neotomodon (Western Diminutive Woodrat)
Neofiber alleni (Round-tailed Muskrat)
Neotoma albigula (White-throated Woodrat)
Neotoma angustapalata (Tamaulipan Woodrat)
Neotoma anthonyi (Anthony's Woodrat)
Neotoma bryanti (Bryant's Woodrat)
Neotoma bunkeri (Coronados Island Woodrat)
Neotoma cinerea (Bushy-tailed Woodrat)
Neotoma devia (Arizona Woodrat)
Neotoma floridana (Eastern Woodrat)
Neotoma fuscipes (Dusky-footed Woodrat)
Neotoma goldmani (Goldman?s Woodrat)
Neotoma lepida (Desert Woodrat)
Neotoma leucodon (White-toothed Woodrat)
Neotoma macrotis (Big-eared Woodrat)
Neotoma magister (Allegheny Woodrat)
Neotoma martinensis (San Martín Woodrat)
Neotoma mexicana (Mexican Woodrat)
Neotoma micropus (Southern Plains Woodrat)
Neotoma nelsoni (Nelson?s Woodrat)
Neotoma palatina (Bolaños Woodrat)
Neotoma phenax (Sonoran Woodrat)
Neotoma stephensi (Stephen's Woodrat)
Neotomodon alstoni (Volcano Deermouse)
Nyctomys sumichrasti (Sumichrast?s Vesper Rat)
Ochrotomys nuttalli (Golden Mouse)
Oligoryzomys fulvescens (Fulvous Colilargo)
Ondatra zibethicus (Common Muskrat)
Onychomys arenicola (Chihuahuan Grasshopper Mouse)
Onychomys leucogaster (Northern Grasshopper Mouse)
Onychomys torridus (Southern Grasshopper Mouse)
Oryzomys alfaroi (Handleyomys alfaroi) (Alfaro's Oryzomys)
Oryzomys chapmani (Handleyomys chapmani) (Chapman's Oryzomys)
Oryzomys couesi (Coues's Rice Rat)
Oryzomys melanotis (Handleyomys melanotis) (Black-eared Oryzomys)
Oryzomys nelsoni (Nelson's Oryzomys)
Oryzomys palustris (Marsh Rice Rat)
Oryzomys rhabdops (Handleyomys rhadops) (Highland Oryzomys)
Oryzomys rostratus (Handleyomys rostratus) (Long-nosed Oryzomys)
Oryzomys saturatior (Handleyomys saturatior) (Cloud Forest Oryzomys)
Osgoodomys banderanus (Osgood?s Deermouse)
Otonyctomys hatti (Yucatán Vesper Rat)
Ototylomys phyllotis (Big-eared Climbing Rat)
Peromyscus attwateri (Texas Deermouse)
Peromyscus aztecus (Aztec Deermouse)
Peromyscus beatae (Orizaba Deermouse)
Peromyscus boylii (Brush Deermouse)
Peromyscus bullatus (Perote Deermouse)
Peromyscus californicus (California Deermouse)
Peromyscus caniceps (Monserrat Island Deermouse)
Peromyscus crinitus (Canyon Deermouse)
Peromyscus dickeyi (Dickey?s Deermouse)
Peromyscus difficilis (Southern Rock Deermouse)
Peromyscus eremicus (Cactus Deermouse)
Peromyscus eva (Southern Baja Deermouse)
Peromyscus fraterculus (Northern Baja Deermouse)
Peromyscus furvus (Blackish Deermouse)
Peromyscus gossypinus (Cotton Deermouse)
Peromyscus gratus (Saxicoline Deermouse)
Peromyscus guardia (La Guarda Deermouse)
Peromyscus guatemalensis (Guatemalan Deermouse)
Peromyscus gymnotis (Naked-eared Deermouse)
Peromyscus hooperi (Hooper?s Deermouse)
Peromyscus hylocetes (Transvolcanic Deermouse)
Peromyscus interparietalis (San Lorenzo Deermouse)
Peromyscus keeni (Northwestern Deermouse)
Peromyscus leucopus (White-footed Deermouse)
Peromyscus levipes (Nimble-footed Deermouse)
Peromyscus madrensis (Tres Marías Deermouse)
Peromyscus maniculatus (North American Deermouse)
Peromyscus megalops (Broad-faced Deermouse)
Peromyscus mekisturus (Puebla Deermouse)
Peromyscus melanocarpus (Black-wristed Deermouse)
Peromyscus melanophrys (Plateau Deermouse)
Peromyscus melanotis (Black-eared Deermouse)
Peromyscus melanurus (Black-tailed Deermouse)
Peromyscus merriami (Mesquite Deermouse)
Peromyscus mexicanus (Mexican Deermouse)
Peromyscus nasutus (Northern Rock Deermouse)
Peromyscus ochraventer (El Carrizo Deermouse)
Peromyscus pectoralis (White-ankled Deermouse)
Peromyscus pembertoni (Pemberton's Deermouse)
Peromyscus perfulvus (Tawny Deermouse)
Peromyscus polionotus (Oldfield Deermouse)
Peromyscus polius (Chihuahuan Deermouse)
Peromyscus pseudocrinitus (Coronados Deermouse)
Peromyscus sagax (Michoacán Deermouse)
Peromyscus sejugis (Santa Cruz Deermouse)
Peromyscus simulus (Sinaloan Deermouse)
Peromyscus slevini (Catalina Deermouse)
Peromyscus spicilegus (Gleaning Deermouse)
Peromyscus stephani (San Esteban Deermouse)
Peromyscus truei (Pinyon Deermouse)
Peromyscus winkelmanni (Coalcomán Deermouse)
Peromyscus yucatanicus (Yucatán Deermouse)
Peromyscus zarhynchus (Chiapan Deermouse)
Phenacomys intermedius (Western Heather Vole)
Phenacomys ungava (Eastern Heather Vole)
Podomys floridanus (Florida Deermouse)
Reithrodontomys bakeri (Baker's Small Toothed Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys burti (Sonoran Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys chrysopsis (Volcano Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys fulvescens (Fulvous Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys gracilis (Slender Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys hirsutus (Hairy Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys humulis (Eastern Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys megalotis (Western Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys mexicanus (Mexican Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys microdon (Small-toothed Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys montanus (Plains Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys raviventris (Salt-marsh Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys spectabilis (Cozumel Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys sumichrasti (Sumichrast?s Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys tenuirostris (Narrow-nosed Harvest Mouse)
Reithrodontomys zacatecae (Zacatecan Harvest Mouse)
Rheomys mexicanus (Mexican Ichthyomyine)
Rheomys thomasi (Thomas? Ichthyomyine)
Scotinomys teguina (Short-tailed Singing Mouse)
Sigmodon alleni (Allen's Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon arizonae (Arizona Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon fulviventer (Tawny-bellied Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon hispidus (Hispid Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon leucotis (White-eared Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon mascotensis (West Mexican Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon ochrognathus (Yellow-nosed Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon planifrons (Miahuatlán Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon toltecus (Toltec Cotton Rat)
Sigmodon zanjonensis (Montane Cotton Rat)
Synaptomys borealis (Northern Bog Lemming)
Synaptomys cooperi (Southern Bog Lemming)
Tylomys bullaris (Chiapan Climbing Rat)
Tylomys nudicaudus (Peters?s Climbing Rat)
Tylomys tumbalensis (Tumbalá Climbing Rat)
Xenomys nelsoni (Magdalena Woodrat)
Family: Cuniculidae (Pacas)
Cuniculus paca (Lowland Paca)
Family: Dasyproctidae (Agoutis)
Dasyprocta mexicana (Mexican Agouti)
Dasyprocta punctata (Central American Agouti)
Family: Dipodidae (Jumping Mice)
Napaeozapus insignis (Woodland Jumping Mouse)
Zapus hudsonius (Meadow Jumping Mouse)
Zapus princeps (Western Jumping Mouse)
Zapus trinotatus (Pacific Jumping Mouse)
Family: Erethizodontidae (Porcupines)
Erethizon dorsatum (North American Porcupine)
Sphiggurus mexicanus (Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine)
Family: Geomyidae (Pocket Gophers)
Cratogeomys castanops (Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys fumosus (Smoky Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys goldmani (Goldman?s Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys gymnurus (Llano Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys merriami (Merriam's Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys neglectus (Querétaro Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys tylorhinus (Naked-nosed Pocket Gopher)
Cratogeomys zinseri (Zinser?s Pocket Gopher)
Geomys arenarius (Desert Pocket Gopher)
Geomys attwateri (Attwater's Pocket Gopher)
Geomys breviceps (Baird's Pocket Gopher)
Geomys bursarius (Plains Pocket Gopher)
Geomys knoxjonesi (Knox Jones's Pocket Gopher)
Geomys personatus (Texas Pocket Gopher)
Geomys pinetis (Southeastern Pocket Gopher)
Geomys texensis (Central Texas Pocket Gopher)
Geomys tropicalis (Tropical Pocket Gopher)
Orthogeomys cuniculus (Oaxacan Pocket Gopher)
Orthogeomys grandis (Giant Pocket Gopher)
Orthogeomys hispidus (Hispid Pocket Gopher)
Orthogeomys lanius (Big Pocket Gopher)
Pappogeomys alcorni (Alcorn's Pocket Gopher)
Pappogeomys bulleri (Buller's Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys bottae (Botta's Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys bulbivorus (Camas Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys clusius (Wyoming Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys idahoensis (Idaho Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys mazama (Western Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys monticola (Mountain Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys talpoides (Northern Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys townsendii (Townsend's Pocket Gopher)
Thomomys umbrinus (Southern Pocket Gopher)
Zygogeomys trichopus (Michoacan Pocket Gopher)
Family: Heteromyidae (Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Rats, Kangaroo Mice)
Chaetodipus arenarius (Little Desert Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus artus (Narrow-skulled Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus baileyi (Bailey's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus californicus (California Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus dalquesti (Dalquest's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus eremicus (Chihuahuan Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus fallax (San Diego Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus formosus (Long-tailed Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus goldmani (Goldman?s Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus hispidus (Hispid Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus intermedius (Rock Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus lineatus (Lined Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus nelsoni (Nelson's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus penicillatus (Desert Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus pernix (Sinaloan Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus rudinoris (Baja California Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus spinatus (Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Dipodomys agilis (Agile Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys californicus (California Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys compactus (Gulf Coast Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys deserti (Desert Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys elator (Texas Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys gravipes (San Quintin Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys heermanni (Heermann's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys ingens (Giant Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys merriami (Merriam's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys microps (Chisel-toothed Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys nelsoni (Nelson?s Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys nitratoides (San Joaquin Valley Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys ordii (Ord's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys panamintinus (Panamint Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys phillipsii (Phillips?s Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys simulans (Dulzura Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys spectabilis (Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys stephensi (Stephens' Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys venustus (Narrow-faced Kangaroo Rat)
Heteromys desmarestianus (Desmarest?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Heteromys gaumeri (Gaumer?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Heteromys nelsoni (Nelson?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys irroratus (Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys pictus (Painted Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys salvini (Salvin?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys spectabilis (Jaliscan Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Microdipodops megacephalus (Dark Kangaroo Mouse)
Microdipodops pallidus (Pale Kangaroo Mouse)
Perognathus alticolus (White-eared Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus amplus (Arizona Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus fasciatus (Olive-backed Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus flavescens (Plains Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus flavus (Silky Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus inornatus (San Joaquin Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus longimembris (Little Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus merriami (Merriam's Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus parvus (Great Basin Pocket Mouse)
Family: Sciuridae (Squirrels, Chipmunks, Marmots, Prairie Dogs)
Ammospermophilus harrisii (Harris's Antelope Squirrel)
Ammospermophilus insularis (Espiritu Santo Island Antelope Squirrel)
Ammospermophilus interpres (Texas Antelope Squirrel)
Ammospermophilus leucurus (White-tailed Antelope Squirrel)
Ammospermophilus nelsoni (Nelson's Antelope Squirrel)
Callospermophilus lateralis (Spermophilus lateralis) (Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel)
Callospermophilus madrensis (Spermophilus madrensis) (Sierra Madre Ground Squirrel)
Callospermophilus saturatus (Spermophilus saturatus) (Cascade Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel)
Cynomys gunnisoni (Gunnison's Prairie Dog)
Cynomys leucurus (White-tailed Prairie Dog)
Cynomys ludovicianus (Black-tailed Prairie Dog)
Cynomys mexicanus (Mexican Prairie Dog)
Cynomys parvidens (Utah Prairie Dog)
Glaucomys sabrinus (Northern Flying Squirrel)
Glaucomys volans (Southern Flying Squirrel)
Ictidomys mexicanus (Spermophilus mexicanus) (Mexican Ground Squirrel)
Ictidomys tridecemlineatus (Spermophilus tridecemlineatus) (Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel)
Marmota broweri (Alaska Marmot)
Marmota caligata (Hoary Marmot)
Marmota flaviventris (Yellow-bellied Marmot)
Marmota monax (Woodchuck)
Marmota olympus (Olympic Marmot)
Marmota vancouverensis (Vancouver Island Marmot)
Notocitellus adocetus (Spermophilus adocetus) (Tropical Ground Squirrel)
Notocitellus annulatus (Spermophilus annulatus) (Ring-tailed Ground Squirrel)
Otospermophilus atricapillus (Spermophilus atricapillus) (Baja California Rock Squirrel)
Otospermophilus beecheyi (Spermophilus beecheyi) (California Ground Squirrel)
Otospermophilus variegatus (Spermophilus variegatus) (Rock Squirrel)
Poliocitellus franklinii (Spermophilus franklinii) (Franklin's Ground Squirrel)
Sciurus aberti (Abert's Squirrel)
Sciurus alleni (Allen's Squirrel)
Sciurus arizonensis (Arizona Gray Squirrel)
Sciurus aureogaster (Red-bellied Squirrel)
Sciurus carolinensis (Eastern Gray Squirrel)
Sciurus colliaei (Collie's Squirrel)
Sciurus deppei (Deppe's Squirrel)
Sciurus griseus (Western Gray Squirrel)
Sciurus nayaritensis (Mexican Fox Squirrel)
Sciurus niger (Eastern Fox Squirrel)
Sciurus oculatus (Peters's Squirrel)
Sciurus variegatoides (Variegated Squirrel)
Sciurus yucatanensis (Yucatan Squirrel)
Tamias alpinus (Alpine Chipmunk)
Tamias amoenus (Yellow-pine Chipmunk)
Tamias bulleri (Buller's Chipmunk)
Tamias canipes (Gray-footed Chipmunk)
Tamias cinereicollis (Gray-collared Chipmunk)
Tamias dorsalis (Cliff Chipmunk)
Tamias durangae (Durango Chipmunk)
Tamias merriami (Merriam's Chipmunk)
Tamias minimus (Least Chipmunk)
Tamias obscurus (California Chipmunk)
Tamias ochrogenys (Yellow-cheeked Chipmunk)
Tamias palmeri (Palmer's Chipmunk)
Tamias panamintinus (Panamint Chipmunk)
Tamias quadrimaculatus (Long-eared Chipmunk)
Tamias quadrivittatus (Colorado Chipmunk)
Tamias ruficaudus (Red-tailed Chipmunk)
Tamias rufus (Hopi Chipmunk)
Tamias senex (Allen's Chipmunk)
Tamias siskiyou (Siskiyou Chipmunk)
Tamias sonomae (Sonoma Chipmunk)
Tamias speciosus (Lodgepole Chipmunk)
Tamias striatus (Eastern Chipmunk)
Tamias townsendii (Townsend's Chipmunk)
Tamias umbrinus (Uinta Chipmunk)
Tamiasciurus douglasii (Douglas' Squirrel)
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus (Red Squirrel)
Tamiasciurus mearnsi (Mearns's Squirrel)
Urocitellus armatus (Spermophilus armatus) (Uinta Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus beldingi (Spermophilus beldingi) (Belding's Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus brunneus (Spermophilus brunneus) (Idaho Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus canus (Spermophilus canus) (Merriam's Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus columbianus (Spermophilus columbianus) (Columbian Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus elegans (Spermophilus elegans) (Wyoming Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus mollis (Spermophilus mollis) (Piute Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus parryii (Spermophilus parryii) (Arctic Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus richardsonii (Spermophilus richardsonii) (Richardson's Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus townsendii (Spermophilus townsendii) (Townsend's Ground Squirrel)
Urocitellus washingtoni (Spermophilus washingtoni) (Washington Ground Squirrel)
Xerospermophilus mohavensis (Spermophilus mohavensis) (Mohave Ground Squirrel)
Xerospermophilus perotensis (Spermophilus perotensis) (Perote Ground Squirrel)
Xerospermophilus spilosoma (Spermophilus spilosoma) (Spotted Ground Squirrel)
Xerospermophilus tereticaudus (Spermophilus tereticaudus) (Round-tailed Ground Squirrel)

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