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68 records returned.

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Order: Soricomorpha (Shrews, Moles)
Family: Soricidae (Shrews)
Blarina brevicauda (Northern Short-tailed Shrew)
Blarina carolinensis (Southern Short-tailed Shrew)
Blarina hylophaga (Elliot's Short-tailed Shrew)
Cryptotis alticola (Central Mexican Broad-clawed Shrew)
Cryptotis goldmani (Goldman's Broad-clawed Shrew)
Cryptotis goodwini (Goodwin's Broad-clawed Shrew)
Cryptotis griseoventris (Guatemalan Broad-clawed Shrew)
Cryptotis magna (Big Mexican Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis mayensis (Yucatan Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis merriami (Merriam's Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis mexicana (Mexican Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis nelsoni (Nelson's Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis obscura (Grizzled Mexican Small-eared Shrew)
Cryptotis parva (North American Least Shrew)
Cryptotis peregrina (Oaxacan Broad-clawed Shrew)
Cryptotis phillipsii (Phillips' Small-eared Shrew)
Megasorex gigas (Mexican Shrew)
Notiosorex cockrumi (Cockrum's Gray Shrew)
Notiosorex crawfordi (Crawford's Gray Shrew)
Notiosorex evotis (Large-eared Gray Shrew)
Notiosorex villai (Villa's Gray Shrew)
Sorex arcticus (Arctic Shrew)
Sorex arizonae (Arizona Shrew)
Sorex bairdi (Baird's Shrew)
Sorex bendirii (Marsh Shrew)
Sorex cinereus (Cinereus Shrew)
Sorex dispar (Long-tailed Shrew)
Sorex emarginatus (Zacatecas Shrew)
Sorex fumeus (Smoky Shrew)
Sorex gaspensis (Gaspé Shrew)
Sorex haydeni (Prairie Shrew)
Sorex hoyi (American Pygmy Shrew)
Sorex jacksoni (St. Lawrence Island Shrew)
Sorex longirostris (Southeastern Shrew)
Sorex lyelli (Mt. Lyell Shrew)
Sorex macrodon (Large-toothed Shrew)
Sorex maritimensis (Maritime Shrew)
Sorex merriami (Merriam's Shrew)
Sorex milleri (Carmen Mountain Shrew)
Sorex monticolus (Dusky Shrew)
Sorex nanus (Dwarf Shrew)
Sorex neomexicanus (New Mexico Shrew)
Sorex oreopolus (Mexican Long-tailed Shrew)
Sorex ornatus (Ornate Shrew)
Sorex pacificus (Pacific Shrew)
Sorex palustris (American Water Shrew)
Sorex preblei (Preble's Shrew)
Sorex pribilofensis (Pribilof Island Shrew)
Sorex rohweri (Olympic Shrew)
Sorex saussurei (Saussure's Shrew)
Sorex sclateri (Sclater's Shrew)
Sorex sonomae (Fog Shrew)
Sorex stizodon (San Cristobal Shrew)
Sorex tenellus (Inyo Shrew)
Sorex trowbridgii (Trowbridge's Shrew)
Sorex tundrensis (Tundra Shrew)
Sorex ugyunak (Barren Ground Shrew)
Sorex vagrans (Vagrant Shrew)
Sorex ventralis (Chestnut-bellied Shrew)
Sorex veraecrucis (Veracruz shrew)
Sorex veraepacis (Verapaz Shrew)
Family: Talpidae (Moles)
Condylura cristata (Star-nosed Mole)
Neurotrichus gibbsii (Shrew-mole)
Parascalops breweri (Hairy-tailed Mole)
Scalopus aquaticus (Eastern Mole)
Scapanus latimanus (Broad-footed Mole)
Scapanus orarius (Coast Mole)
Scapanus townsendii (Townsend's Mole)

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