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54 records returned.

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Order: Rodentia (Rodents)
Family: Heteromyidae (Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Rats, Kangaroo Mice)
Chaetodipus arenarius (Little Desert Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus artus (Narrow-skulled Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus baileyi (Bailey's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus californicus (California Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus dalquesti (Dalquest's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus eremicus (Chihuahuan Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus fallax (San Diego Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus formosus (Long-tailed Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus goldmani (Goldman?s Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus hispidus (Hispid Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus intermedius (Rock Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus lineatus (Lined Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus nelsoni (Nelson's Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus penicillatus (Desert Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus pernix (Sinaloan Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus rudinoris (Baja California Pocket Mouse)
Chaetodipus spinatus (Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Dipodomys agilis (Agile Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys californicus (California Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys compactus (Gulf Coast Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys deserti (Desert Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys elator (Texas Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys gravipes (San Quintin Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys heermanni (Heermann's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys ingens (Giant Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys merriami (Merriam's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys microps (Chisel-toothed Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys nelsoni (Nelson?s Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys nitratoides (San Joaquin Valley Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys ordii (Ord's Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys panamintinus (Panamint Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys phillipsii (Phillips?s Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys simulans (Dulzura Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys spectabilis (Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys stephensi (Stephens' Kangaroo Rat)
Dipodomys venustus (Narrow-faced Kangaroo Rat)
Heteromys desmarestianus (Desmarest?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Heteromys gaumeri (Gaumer?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Heteromys nelsoni (Nelson?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys irroratus (Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys pictus (Painted Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys salvini (Salvin?s Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Liomys spectabilis (Jaliscan Spiny Pocket Mouse)
Microdipodops megacephalus (Dark Kangaroo Mouse)
Microdipodops pallidus (Pale Kangaroo Mouse)
Perognathus alticolus (White-eared Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus amplus (Arizona Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus fasciatus (Olive-backed Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus flavescens (Plains Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus flavus (Silky Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus inornatus (San Joaquin Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus longimembris (Little Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus merriami (Merriam's Pocket Mouse)
Perognathus parvus (Great Basin Pocket Mouse)

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