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  Chiroptera · Molossidae · Eumops glaucinus
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Eumops glaucinus

Wagner's Bonneted Bat

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae

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Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Wagner's Bonneted Bat is considered endangered by the state of Florida, where habitat destruction and the use of pesticides may be contributing to its decline. It is a medium-sized bat with long, narrow wings. These bats leave their day roosts after dark and fly high, covering long distances quickly as they feed on insects. Eumops glaucinus is a freetailed bat. Like other bats in the family Molossidae, its tail extends beyond the tail membrane, or uropatagium (the skin that stretches between the back legs).

Also known as:
Florida Mastiff Bat, Wagner's Mastiff Bat

Average: 139.7 mm males; 138 mm females
Range: 123-165 mm males; 117-156 mm females

Average: 34.1 g males; 36.1 g females
Range: 25-47 g males; 28.2-55.4 g females


Wagner, A., 1843.  Diagnosen neuer Arten brasilischer Handflugler, p. 368.  Archiv fur Naturgeschichte, Berlin, Germany, 9(1):365-368.


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Distribution of Eumops glaucinus

Image of Eumops glaucinus
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