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  Rodentia · Heteromyidae · Dipodomys ingens
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Dipodomys ingens

Giant Kangaroo Rat

Order: Rodentia
Family: Heteromyidae

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Conservation Status: Endangered.

Although large (for a kangaroo rat) and assertive, the Giant Kangaroo Rat occupies a relatively small home range (averaging 0.04 hectares). It keeps quite busy and is remarkably manipulative of this territory, however, storing seeds both above and belowground, clearing the ground of all plant remains after it has harvested seeds, and frequently reshaping its burrows. It destroys shrubs that sprout within its territory, and so has a significant impact on the plant communities where it lives out a solitary life.

Sexual Dimorphism:
Males are larger than females.

Average: 333.2 mm males; 328.9 mm females

Average: 138 g males; 132 g females
Range: 93-180 g males; 101-195 g females


Merriam, C.H., 1904.  New and little known kangaroo rats of the genus Perodipus, p. 141.  Proceedings of the biological society of Washington, 17:139-145.


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Distribution of Dipodomys ingens

Image of Dipodomys ingens
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